1. International Affiliation and Accreditations

  • With international affiliation and accredited standards and guidelines of the global fitness market leaders “EREPS, NBFE, IHRSA, IDEA” FACTS developed and ongoing update its courses and contents to meet the sports and fitness level in MENA region. FACTS courses are based on scientific data based on international standard and guidelines that have been followed by the international educational organizations such as “NASM, ACE and ACSM”.
  • EREPS: FACTS is horned to have full accreditation from EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals). EREPS recognizes the qualifications and skills of exercise professionals and is an important assurance for the public and employers that their instructor or employee holds the appropriate qualifications to perform their role safely and effectively. EREPS is part of Europe-Active, the (leading) not-for-profit organization representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels. For more information about EREPS click the following link http://www.ereps.eu/content/about-ereps
  • NBFE: FACTS is the only academy in MENA region that has a full affiliation with National Board for Fitness Examiner (NBFE), NBFE puts the standers and criteria for the fitness educational academies in USA to make sure all curriculums, teaching techniques and testing tools are complaints with the international standard. For more information about NBFE click the following link http://www.nbfe.org/affiliate.html