1. FACTS unique integrated services

  1. FACTS – Education: Fact provides professional health and fitness Courses, workshops, ongoing tailored in-house training, using up to date interactive teaching skills and approach to deliver the knowledge, skills and professional attitude (KSA) for our students to apply in there daily work.  FACTS Aim is to train, educate, alter student’s skills and certifying them to professionally and scientifically lead the health and fitness field, achieving quality of services, unique and tailored coaching skills along with gaining good financial profit.
  1. FACTS – Consultancy: With the international standards and parameters, ongoing updated, and best practice in the health and fitness industry we work one on one with our clients of gym operators, managers, owners and investors who is thinking to enter fitness industry professionally and safely reaching the pre-planed objectives and goals.  We work with our clients to gradually setup a professional Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each department from health, sports and fitness facility including (action plan Finance, HR, IT, Quality control, marketing sales, front office, kids club, customer service, housekeeping, maintenance, Personal training, group training, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, SPA, recreation and recovery, beauty salon, aquatic center and sports courts.
  1. FACTS – Recruitment: FACTS For sports and fitness recruitment is the first organization in (MENA) that is specialized in fitness recruitment which is a unique service for the sports health and fitness industry, with the huge potential and expansion in gyms, clubs and sports facilities the demand for a qualified, trained and skilled associates is a must.
  1. CRM: Client Relationship Management System, FACTS support their clients and operators with a unique tailored club management that tracks the memberships statues, data base and manage all needed information.
  1. FACTS -Wellness : initiatives & program, awareness lectures, public competitions, FACTS run wellness health and fitness initiative to improve people wellbeing and quality of life, those initiatives including Fat fighters, seize smoking, behavior change, Ergonomics, CPR and first Aid …etc.
  1. FACTS -Conferences: FACTS is planning a yearly health and fitness conference that gather all wellness, health sports and fitness leaders under one roof, that conference have an educational workshops, awareness seminars, awards event for trainers. operators, suppliers, clients …etc.
  1. Fit-FACTS program (TV & Magazine): a unique program that FACTS develop is a Digital TV program on you-tube channel to promote wellbeing, health and fitness between public as well as to better achieve FACTS vision of enlighten students path through scientific facts and erase industry myths.
  1. FACTS-Performance Lab: Our aim is to establish a performance facility to target athletes and individuals who would like to improve their performance in certain activities.