1. FACTS Code of Ethics, Core Values & Corporate Culture

  1. FACTS Academy offers its services in a professional way that complies with the International, Regional and National health & fitness industry’s Code of Ethics along with its core values. Those Values and Ethics are the guide and reference to our actions and relations with our “Client, Associates and Partners” (CAP).
  2. FACTS Academy believes to ensure a well delivery of those Ethics and Values to our clients, so they can treat and serve their own clients accordingly, and encourage them to build their own Values and Ethics that determine what is right and what is wrong.
FACTS code of Ethics  
F Fairness The Fairness, Friendliness, Flexibility and Firmness, are the principles guiding our behavior and actions, As we are open-minded and understanding to all individual differences and always seek Just and best interest of our (CAP)
A Ambition The Ambition, Passion, Motivation, and Inspiration are the principles that empower us to achieve our vision and big dream to lead the Fitness Education Industry in (MENA) region.
C Commitment The Commitment, Dedication, Consistency, Respect, Discipline and Responsibility are the principles ruling our behavior and actions towards our (CAP)
T Transparency  The Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are the principles to treat our (CAP), and our guide to deliver best services, knowledge and skills on time.
S Scientific  We are seeking the excellence, creativity and leadership by delivering the accurate, credible knowledge and skills, as well as Informative, latest and applicable best practices sources for our clients.
Three pyramids (demotions) FACTS believe to address in any of our training and courses is




K. Knowledge

S. Skills

A. Attitude

M. Mind

B. Body

S. Spirit

C. Client

A. Associate

P. Partner