1. FACTS Tech Integrated Solutions

Service and products:
  1. LMS only for FACTS academy: (internal use only, and some features could be used for club operators within a consultancy project or included in club management system “HR – training section”
  2. Club Management system: Will be in different modules and will be sold to club operators with monthly or quarterly fees, should be customized with each operator logo, desk top and mobile application for operator and client, only to have licensed by FACTS – Tech
  3. Health and wellness mobile app.: Mobile app with different modules such as
    1. Fitness training, (PT or GT)
    2. Nutrition plans,
    3. Assessment and measurements record, including blood works
    4. SPA treatments (recovery and meditation, Sauna, steam, jacuzzi, body treatment.
tracking and tracing progress, allow the clients to choose for a list of exercises and anatomical chart, diet plans, special authorization and access to trainers and dietitian “customized with their names or logo” to design programs for their clients and track their progress. The trainer window allows him/her to track number of sessions, fees of each one and packages, commission for each one if any, access to fitness manager who manage multiple trainers or locations, to track progress financially and technically. Another window of the client allows him/her to rate the session and recommend the trainer. Club Management System (CMS) Features & Guidelines
  1. CMS should customize with the club logo, color-coding, and themes.
  2. CMS should be “online base” system for club owners to manage their clubs remotely.
  3. CSM should work on the club network so all viewers from different department, different floors and offices check it out.
  4. To have all club database, Leads, members, associates, suppliers, equipment, tools, etc.
  5. Interface should be very simple, friendly use, colorful, attractive, contain pictures and symbols more than words.
  6. Access control to all gates with a turn style on the main gate, club might be divided into zones and sections, each zone with different gate and access control device.
  7. Proximity ID card for each member for the gates, lockers etc, could be proximity wristband, Nicholas or Medal.
  8. A client reminder, alerts, massages and events should be displayed when the client accessed the club, probably like Vodafone stores.
  9. Could be with 2-finger print instead of proximity and/or both together.
  10. A different ID card design for a different membership types. (optional)
  11. A pig screen in-front of the member when she/he enter his card to welcome and greed her/him and to show any massage or alert for the member as well as to congratulate her/him in birthday.
  12. Flexibility to recall data and sort them by any features. (Depending on the data entry) (Ability to search for any data by First name, last name, Joining date, starting or expiring date, Birth date, Occupation, Id number …etc.)
  13. To integrate all departments (sales, marketing, front office, fitness, aerobics, accounting, spa, store house, operation, HR).
  14. Signature in digital screen with special pin for signing the contracts.
  15. Hyper link with one number for member for every thing (membership- contract – receipts – health and fitness profile) this number show all the member data and documents and copy of programs and complaints.
  16. The following modules does not include pro-shop and juice bar systems, as it’s usual outsourcing operators.
  17. Data entry should be accurate and clear, hereby the window of data entry should a drop out list of information, for example (locations, positions, addresses, dates, type of memberships and services..etc.)
  18. The system should come in three different versions to match all clubs needs as follow :
    • Small size club (500 to 1000 member).
    • Medium size club (1000 to 2000 member).
    • Big size club (more than 2000 member).
  19. The system should have different modules as follow later.
    • Module one: Clients Management (point of sale) (POS).
    • Module Two: Associates Management.
    • Module three: Technical Management.
    • Module Four: Facility Management.
  20. CMS should have flexibility to add or remove packages to price list, and accept unlimited number of new types of memberships and services as well as paid services.
  21. CMS should have timing restrictions for some types of memberships such as off beak membership, odd and even membership.
  22. CMS should have an option to sort black list members.
  23. CMS should have an option to block and deactivate any member from access the club and/or certain zones.

Module one: Clients Management (point of sale) (POS)

Module Operational Manuals
  1. Sales manual.
  2. Marketing manual.
  3. Front office manual.
Module Forms
  1. Client handbook.
  2. Membership price list.
  3. Paid session’s price list.
  4. Computerized 4 copies receipt and agreement.
  5. Guest cards and Leads.
  6. Leads transfer to client. (Must be sent automatically to fitness and accountant dep.)
  7. Missed sales transfer to leads.
Client Profile
  1. Client photo.
  2. Client info.
  3. Client profile must be shown at front office PC during check in and out.
  4. Client profile must be shown at the gate monitor during check in and out.
Client Attendance
  1. Check in and out.
  2. A welcome note to client at check in.
  3. A good-bye note to client at check out.
  4. Last visit/visits.
  5. Time and date of visits.
  6. Number of active days.
  7. No show days.
  1. Birthday alert (clients, associates, suppliers, and owners), sort and filter birthdays, by day, week, month, and from to.
  2. Payments alert.
  3. Massage from management.
  4. Renewal reminders.
  5. Appointments reminders.
  6. Events.
Club members communications:
  1. Bulk SMS.
  2. Bulk emails.
Module Reports:
  1. Total Number of members.
  2. Gender of members (total men & total ladies)
  3. Age group of clients.
  4. Residence areas of the clients.
  5. Active members, 12 visits and more per month.
  6. Non-active members, less than 12 visits per month.
  7. No show members during last month.
  8. The most active member quarterly.
  9. Recall last visit and/or visit for the client, with accurate timing.

Module Two: Associates Management

Module Operational Manuals
  1. HR Manual.
  2. Financial manual.
Module Forms
  1. Associates daily productivity report.
  2. Associates Job descriptions.
  3.  Associate handbook.
  4.  Associates monthly schedule.
  5. Associates check in and out
  6. Budgets
  7. Targets
  8. Cash follow
  9. Salaries
  10. Commission.
Module Reports
  1. Associates total working days per month.
  2. Associates total working hours per month.
  3. Associates total working days per month.
  4. Associates total vacations days per month.
  5. Associates daily productivity report.

Module three : Technical management

Module Operational Manuals
  1. Personal Training Manual.
  2. Group Training Manual.
  3. Clinic Manual.
Module Forms
  1. Health and fitness assessment includes:
    • Health and medical questioner.
    • Body circumferences
    • Body composition.
    • Body alignment.
  2. Club equipment’s list.
  3. Personal Training Program.
  4. Group training schedule.
  5. Nutrition program.
  6. Massage sessions.
  7. Spa
Module Reports
  1. Associates daily productivity report.
  2. Total number of PT sessions (prepaid).
  3. Total number of PT sessions (paid).
  4. Total number of GT classes (prepaid).
  5. Total number of GT classes (paid).
  6. Total number of clients bought PT compared to total club clients.
  7. Total number of clients bought GT compared to total club clients.

Module Four: Facility Management

Module Operational Manuals
  1. Facility Management Manual.
Module Forms
  1. Fitness equipments
  2. Electromechanical equipments
  3. Electronic and audio-video equipments
  4. Maintenance check list
  5. Warranties check list
  6. Walls, floors, ceilings
  7. Lightings, water, drainage
  8. Control towel and laundry system.
  9. Associates daily productivity report.
  10. Facility management team Job descriptions.