FACTS provides a Fitness Consultancy service, supporting club operators with the international Standards, benchmarks and departmental operational manuals. Mastering those manuals will reflect on the daily operations in order to drive a successful business through quality of service and financial profit. FACTS works with it’s clients reaching the pre-planned objectives in different departments (sales, marketing, personal training, group training, front office, facility management, customer service..etc. ).  

Consultancy Forms:

  • Initial consultancy, “before opening the club”, to establish the sold standardized business.
  • Ongoing consultancy, “after opening the club”, to re-organize posting operation.
  • Expansion consultancy, “for expanding your club” to go chain concept and acquire other clubs.

Consultancy Modules:

  • Strategic Planning & Club Management Module
  • Conceptual Design Module
  • Corporate Identity Module
  • Marketing Dep. Module
  • Sales Dep. Module
  • Front Office, CS & Kids Club (FOCS) Dep. Module
  • Facility Management Dep. Module
  • Personal Training Dep. Module
  • Group Training Dep. Module
  • Financial & HR Dep. Module
  • International Affiliation Module