Strategic Business Planning Module (SPM)

Standard Operating Procedures
1 Fitness industry over view  (5Ps)
2 10 steps opening action plan guidelines & checklist.
3 Club’s management software guidelines & checklist.
4 Legal company formation guide lines
5 Organization chart.
6 Direct cost based on Organization chart.
7 Templet Feasibility Study Guidelines and checklist.
8 Financial Dep. Policy, process & Procedures
9 HR Dep. Policy, process & Procedures
10 Quality Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Forms and paper work
11 Club’s activities, Services & Facilities checklist.  
12 Membership and other services price lists
13 Staff commission and perks system
14 Client Hand book form (Client’s rules & regulations)
15 Client consent release form
16 Associates handbook (Includes Associates rules & regulation)
17 Associates consent release form.
18 Membership and/or paid sessions agreement and receipt form
19 GM job application/ description/ offer/ Productivity Report
Corporate identity, operational and conceptual Design
20 Company vision, mission and objectives templet. 
21 Company identity and branding input and session
22 Assess project location pros and cons
23 Facility conceptual, zoning layout and circulation input and session.
24 Construction-operational zoning input and session.
25 Fitness and operational equipment selection, layout input & session