Sales Dep. Module (SDM)

Standard Operating Procedures
1 Dep. Strategies Polices, process & procedures
2 Pre- sales process
3 Calls system (IN / OUT) ,
4 Prospect Appointment and/or Walk in
5 First Meeting with the Prospect
6 Prospect Club Tour
7 Prospect goals assessment
8 Club Facilities & Services presentation
9 Prices presentations  & sales close
10 Missed sale follow-ups and After Sale Follow ups
11 Renewal, Freezing Referral, Transfer, Upgrade, Installment, Complementary and Barter System
Forms and paper work
12 Sales Dep. Forms and paper work
13 Membership installation request form.
14 Membership Freeze request form.
15 Membership Referral request form.
16 Membership transfer, cancelation and refund form.
17 Prospective card form.
18 (Sales) manager job application/ job description/ job offer/ Productivity Report